The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) recommends children have an orthodontic consultation around the age of seven. At this stage of development we can identify any bite problems or potential bite problems that may arise in the future. If they need to be treated then we can, otherwise we can monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and begin treatment at the optimal time.

Invisalign First

Invisalign First is the latest generation of Invisalign products. Invisalign First enables children whose teeth are still growing to use Invisalign aligners to straighten their teeth. Creating a great smile sometimes involves treating a variety of dental issues early in childhood, many before all of the adult teeth have erupted.

Invisalign aligners are a registered medical device, you should always read and follow the label and the instructions of your treating orthodontist.


Traditional Braces

For the vast majority of orthodontic patients, wearing braces will be a major part of treatment — and those braces can be metal, clear porcelain or even gold! But while they’re still quite popular, traditional braces are no longer the only option!

Early Intervention

The untrained eye can’t always spot dental problems. That’s why your child needs early evaluation and treatment by an orthodontist. An early appointment can help prevent serious oral issues as your child grows and can simplify any treatment required in the future.

Some of Our Patients’ Results

Benefits of an early consultation

At Central Coast Orthodontics, we recommend bringing your child in for an early consultation so we can:
Assess the alignment of their teeth and jaws
Bring your attention to any issues you should be looking out for
Reduce the need/complexity of orthodontic treatment in the future
Give your child helpful tips on how best to look after their teeth
Familiarise your child with the orthodontic clinic environment

To give your child the best start to oral health, book them in for a consultation with our specialist orthodontists today.

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