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At Central Coast Orthodontics we are proud to implement new technology into the practice as it becomes available. Our aim is to provide the best results possible, while making treatment more comfortable, more hygienic, more covenient, more efficient, or all of the above!

Dr Deall and Dr King regularly attend meetings and conferences to keep abreast of the latest research and improvements in Orthodontics and enjoy practicing in an evidence-based way. An important part of this philosophy is not rushing to use every single new idea that is released, as sometimes new ideas are actually not backed by high quality research and eventually are shown to be ineffective. We want to make sure the technology is proven and robust before we introduce it to our patients. For example, we have rejected in-mouth vibrators and light therapy as well as appliances such as myo-munchies/ myobraces as any high-quality research has shown them to be very inefficient or totally ineffective.

Some of the technology we HAVE implemented over the years includes:

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners (such as Invisalign) allows us to provide treatment that is more comfortable, hygienic, convenient and aesthetic than traditional braces. The technology used in designing and manufacturing clear aligners is very sophisticated and techniques have improved sufficiently meaning that aligners can tackle virtually any orthodontic problem

Intra-oral Scanning

Scanning your teeth rather than taking impressions has become the norm these days, for both recording pre-treatment tooth positions and manufacturing appliances. Our staff are well trained in using our iTero scanners and this saves you having to have a mouth full of alginate – something nobody misses!


We have used Suresmile customised archwires to improve the efficiency of braces treatment. This technology allows us to move the teeth in the software into the position we want before an orthodontic wire is bent by a machine to precisely match those movements.

Treatment Monitoring

Recently, Central Coast Orthodontics has introduced a monitoring system for patients undergoing treatment. This uses the combined power of your smartphone, an app and artificial intelligence to allow us to keep a closer eye on treatment progress without you needing to come into the practice! This not only helps us identify (and then address) problems more quickly, but also means that unnecessary appointments can be avoided, making the process more convenient for you.

Virtual Consultations

The ability to offer a free virtual consultation has been helpful as it makes it easier for prospective patients to find out more about their orthodontic issues and treatment options at a time that is convenient for them. The process involves sending in some basic information as well as 5 pictures of your teeth (the software guides you through the process – it is quite easy!). From there, Dr King or Dr Deall can make an assessment and provide you with some potential options. While not a substitute for a thorough clinical examination, it does at least allow some patients to find out more about their orthodontic situation and have some questions answered, without having to take time out of their busy daily schedule.
We look forward to learning about and introducing even more technology in the future and seeing the benefits for our patients. Change and improvements are always occurring, making it a very exciting time to be an Orthodontist!

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