Unfinished Smiles Welcome Here – We’ll Pick Up Where You Left Off

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Unfinished Smiles Welcome Here - We'll Pick Up Where You Left Off In Central Coast Orthodontics

If you started clear aligner treatment to gain a straighter, brighter smile with Smile Direct Club – only to get derailed by news of their bankruptcy – don’t lose hope. Here at Central Coast Orthodontics, we are orthodontic specialists ready to champion your teeth straightening goals.

As one of the premier Diamond Plus Invisalign practices in the region, we combine state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology with bespoke, compassionate orthodontic care. We can assess your unique situation to pick up where Smile Direct left off – customising new aligners tailored to your exact needs.

Why Choose Our Specialist Expertise

At Central Coast Orthodontics, our doctors have advanced certification specifically focused on responsible, effective orthodontic solutions. We take time to understand your lifestyle needs for an individualised plan to keep you smiling with confidence through the aligned teeth you desire.

We Know This Is Not What You Signed Up For

We realise the Smile Direct Club bankruptcy has thrown an unexpected roadblock along your path to improved dental wellness and self-assurance. But our caring, talented team has helped many patients get back on the road to their envisioned smile after aligner plans fall through elsewhere. You deserve the follow-through and expertise to complete this journey with the custom care and convenience you expected from the start.

The Central Coast Orthodontics Difference

What happens when you transfer your Smile Direct Club treatment to our practice? First, the peace of mind that you are now finally cared for by professional specialist orthodontists. We will perform an assessment of your unique teeth and where they currently stand in the realignment process.

Next, our doctors determine precise next steps to pick up progress seamlessly. We then create new tailor-made aligners to match your needs. You’ll have regular check-ins to monitor your smile improvement along the way.

Take Control of Your Smile Again

Don’t let your clear aligner treatment and smile goals get cut short. Here at Central Coast Orthodontics, we offer affordable payment plans, so you can continue to get to your dream smile faster. Call us today for a consultation. Get the ball rolling to complete your journey with the bright, healthy smile you deserve!


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