3 Problems Caused by Crooked Teeth?

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Hi there, Simon Deall from Central Coast Orthodontics here. Today I wanted to share with you the answer to a question that I hear daily in our specialist orthodontic practice and that is, could my crooked teeth cause other problems? So today I’m going to answer that with three main points.

Although most of the time crooked teeth are usually just an aesthetic issue and don’t actually cause a problem, there are bite issues that can in the long-term impact on your dental health.

A deep overbite is often associated with wear or loss of enamel affecting the lower front teeth and this can continue over time and can be severe, especially if there is also a habit of grinding your teeth against each other, also known as bruxism, which some people do in their sleep. However, it’s important to appreciate that even if you have orthodontic treatment and achieve a perfect bite, if you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you might need to wear a night time splint to protect your teeth from further wear. While we can help you achieve the best orthodontic result or smile and treat the bite issue that may be contributing to the problem, your general dentist is the best person to consult for advice about splint to protect your teeth.
Another example of a bite issue that can have a long-term impact is a crossbite of your back teeth which is often caused by the upper jaw being more narrow compared to the lower jaw. If your teeth have a crossbite, it sometimes causes the lower jaw to shift to the side in a way that is not harmonious for your jaw joint. If left untreated, as you grow, the jaw can grow further to one side and result in a permanent facial asymmetry, and in most cases, it’s only very small. However, this can often be prevented if detected and treated at the right time.

A crossbite of your front teeth, whether its one tooth or multiple teeth,  can be associated with wear or loss of enamel because it interrupts your teeth from having in a single consistent bite position that distributes the bite forces evenly.

There are other dental health problems that are difficult to show an evidence-based link with bite problems with certainty because they are caused by a combination of factors, for example, gum disease, jaw joint dysfunction and pain or difficulties with speech. So we can’t say with certainty that orthodontic treatment will definitely assist with these types of dental health problems, but what we can say confidently is that if you or your child don’t like smiling because of the appearance of your teeth whether they’re just crooked, have gaps, have a large overjet or overbite, then orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign can help you start smiling with confidence again. This psychological benefit can’t be underestimated because a smile is the first thing we notice when we interact with someone whether it’s a stranger, friend or family member.

I really hope you’ve learnt something new in this short video. And if you or your child are experiencing these problems, we would love to look after you. Simply give us a call, complete the enquiry form on the website, or send us a direct message on social media, and we will help you organise your appointment. See you in the next video!


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