What Happens at an Initial Consultation at Central Coast Orthodontics?

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Hi! Simon Deall from Central Coast Orthodontics here.

Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, you might feel a mixture of emotions before your first orthodontic appointment, or perhaps you are just wondering what to expect at your first visit to our practice. Well, in this video, I will take you through what happens at your initial consultation here at Central Coast Orthodontics.

The process is really simple and very easy, so here’s what to expect….. firstly you’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionists and you’ll be asked to fill out a brief survey regarding your medical history and a few other simple questions. You’ll then be welcomed into a consultation room where you’ll meet your orthodontist, either myself or Dr King, and we’ll complete a thorough examination of your smile, teeth, mouth and jaws.

This is simple, painless and only takes a few minutes. We’ll usually also need to gather some records which might include photographs of your teeth and your face, a digital 3D scan of your bite and if necessary, some X-rays.

We’ll then analyse these records and have a chat to discuss the treatment options that are available to you. If it is useful to the consultation process, we might use the 3D scan of your teeth to digitally simulate your bite correction, this animation can be a great way to show you what your teeth could look like after treatment.  

There are often various ways to treat the same bite problem and get that end result of your best smile. And if that’s the case we’ll explain the advantages and disadvantage of each option so that you can choose your preferred method. Whether that’s traditional braces, clear aligners such as Invisalign or perhaps something else. This discussion will allow you to choose the most suitable solution for you as the different options might take different lengths of time to complete and have different costs as well. At the same time, we’ll also go through the various flexible payment options available. 

If a treatment plan is finalised on the day then your next appointment might be to actually begin your treatment. But sometimes we might need to just monitor the bite until a later stage of development, so that the treatment will coincide with the ideal age or stage of development for the treatment of your particular bite issue.

Sometimes, however, no treatment is required at all, and if that’s the case, that’s what we’ll recommend because we’ll never advise treatment you don’t need or want.

To complete the consultation, we’ll follow up with a formalised written treatment plan, quote and payment plan options, as well as provide your general dentist with a report so that he or she is included and informed of the treatment process. 

Hopefully, this clarifies what to expect at your first visit and we look forward to meeting you and making you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible at your appointment.

If you’d like further information or you’d like to make an appointment please reach out by phone/email/throught the website or direct message on social media. See you in the next video!


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