Why Are There Price Differences Between Different Orthodontic Practices?

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Hi guys Alistair from Central Coast Orthodontics here. Thanks for downloading our price guide. If you’re looking around at providers for orthodontics you might be wondering why there are significant price differences between different practitioners? So in this video I want to give you three factors that will influence the costs of treatment in different practices…..


A more experienced practitioner is likely to cost more. But not always. You should always ensure that the person providing the treatment is sufficiently qualified and experienced in orthodontics to provide you with the highest standard of care, someone that is committed to continuing education to stay at the forefront of knowledge in the field, and someone that practices to the highest ethical standard. A specialist orthodontist is the most qualified person in the art and science of orthodontics and therefore the most qualified person to design your smile and fit your teeth within your uniquely shaped and sized jawbones and their encompassing soft tissues.  A specialist orthodontist does orthodontics and only orthodontics, day in day out. If you’re unsure whether you’re seeing a specialist orthodontist or a general dentist you can check on the AHPRA website, the government register for health professionals.

Technology and Materials

Orthodontic treatment using the latest technology, as long as it is grounded in good science, might come at a premium. But again not always. Technological advances in orthodontics mean there are more treatment options than ever before. It is important to know that the technology and materials involved in your treatment are well-researched and grounded in good science and are being utilised by someone experienced in that technology. There are various different manufacturers and brands of clear aligners, of metal and clear braces, orthodontic wires and other consumable components of treatment. It is important to know that the technology and materials being used in your mouth are scientifically proven and of the highest quality and this can have a direct impact on the comfort and duration of your treatment. One example is the use of suresmile technology which allows us to digitally plan your smile and utilise robotically bent custom made archwires that come from Germany and the united states to move your teeth comfortably, accurately and efficiently in a way that’s not comparable to any other archwire technology in the world.

The Level of Service Provided

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, you want to know that all services and aspects of treatment are included in your treatment fee, including all adjustments, replacement of broken appliances, the retainers after treatment, and you want to ensure that there is continued follow-up for years after treatment to ensure your teeth stay straight in the long-term. Can you see your orthodontic provider any day of the week if you have unexpected discomfort or a broken appliance? Complete transparency of fees and access to appointments is essential for you to be able to compare costs between practices. This is an important factor to consider, especially compared to an online DIY orthodontic provider, where service is often non-existent, or very limited.

So I hope that this video will help you understand why fees differ between different providers of orthodontics and will help you when comparing the costs, so you are well equipped to ask the right questions in deciding where you want to have orthodontic treatment for you or your child.

If you are based on the central coast and you’d like further information or would like to make an appointment, please get in touch via our website, by phone or direct message on social media. See you at the next video!


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